Our History

We have been a growing church over the last 35 plus years, and we are proud of our Church History. Birch Street Baptist Church was started in 1975 as the New Testament Baptist Church by Rev. Dennis Eagle. He had been ordained and sent out of Baptist Temple of Springfield, MO where Dr. W. E. Dowell was pastoring. He was supported briefly by the Wisconsin Baptist Bible Fellowship, which has been instrumental in helping to support new and existing churches all over the state of Wisconsin.

The Church had a very humble beginning in the Union Town Hall just west of Eau Claire. They met in the Town Hall for about a year and a half, when the Lord opened the door for them to meet in the Seveth Day Adventist building in Eau Claire.

In August of 1976 the New Testament Baptist Church was organized and incorporated as a Church. Rev. Eagle resigned from the church in June of 1977 as the Lord was calling him elsewhere.

In July of 1977 the church called Rev. Timothy Hallett, Sr. unanimously as their pastor. Pastor Hallett, Sr. had started and previously pastored the Bible Baptist Church in Belvidere, IL. They saw a high attendance there of 304 with the average at about 280. Pastor Hallett, Sr. was used greatly of the Lord at NTBC. He led the church to purchase 4.25 acres of land which has the parsonage as well was the two buildings that are now our auditorium and Sunday School classrooms. In June of 1986 the Lord provided a house in which our church met and still uses on a weekly basis.

The Church met in the Seventh Day Adventist building for a total of wo years. In 1979 the Church made the decision to meet at the YMCA of Eau Claire and continued there for about three years. From 1982 to 1996 the New Testament Baptist Church met at the Knights of Columbus building. During this time the church saw a high attendance of only 121 with the average at about 55. This was a very difficult time in not only the lives of Pastor Hallett, Sr. and his family, but also in the lives of the Church family. In 1996 the New Testament Baptist Church changed its name to Birch Street Baptist Church when they moved to the new location at 3120 Birst Street in Eau Claire. For over 19 years people thought that our church did not exist as we did not have our own building. But people make up the church, not the building.

Once into the new building our church exploded with growth and we saw a high of 158 and our average attendance increased greatly. Whithin 3 years of being in our own building, we decided it was time to build again as we outgrew our facilities. In 1999 we started to build, but were not able to get into our current auditorium until March of 2003. After getting into our new building we saw our attendance increase once again.

On February 24, 2006, God saw fit to call Rev. Timothy Hallett, Sr. home to be with Him after serving faithfully here at BSBC for almost 30 years. It will be a day greatly remembered in the history of our church as Pastor Hallett, Sr., now affectionately known as Preacher Hallett, was the only Pastor many of our members had ever known. He was able to lead many souls to the Lord and through his testimony many have come to the Lord in salvation even after his death. God had used him in a great and mighty way and only eternity will show the number of souls that will be added to his account.

On April 2, 2006, the Birch Street Baptist Church called Rev. Tim Hallett, Jr. as their new and only third Pastor in their history. Since becoming the pastor, we have seen many new members added to the church membership. To God be the glory!

Please come and join us as we continue to win souls for Christ and become a part of our Church History as well as our Church Family.